Hot damn! This weird shit is getting good part 3

Okay. If you are a fan of the remake RE shit then you know the reason I’m doing Chris’s story the way I am.

Chris is hardcore Henry mode.

Jill is sneaky assassin mode.

Chris….I’m just going all out for his shit with Jill. I’ll have to be more sneaky.

I really want to put Leon and Claire in this shit for act 2 but I don’t it will happen this year.

Oh forgot to mention that. This is all act one of two part brainstorming.

This being October might be a reason I’m writing this shit but fuck it I’m having fun. I really hope your enjoying it.

In all this shit again I want to make the point you have to forget about being nervous about starting just begin with one word if you have to….

Fuck or at least take a whole bunch of shit you like and love and slam it all together in blender and hit mix.

Warm Regards,



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