Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s) part 8

Chapter 3


I walked into a narrow empty hallway closing the door behind me. I scanned my map for a second. There was sitting room and door around the corner that led into the east wing while if I went to my right it would led to a dead end and three rooms.

I would check those rooms out later when I got back. I started for the east wing and rounded the corner. I froze. I stared at the mutilated body on the carpet.

Andy was still dressed in his combat vest black cargo pants and Beret. I bent down over him. His eye lids were still open. I closed them. His Colt Anaconda was still in his hands. His belt had two extra speed reloader rounds in it.

Damn it. Whatever took him out must have been a strong bastard. I got up and started to leave but I felt someone behind me. I turned going for their throat and slammed the asshole against the wall.

He moved around wildly snarling and trying to leap at me. I kneed him in the balls and he screamed and glared at me.

“Good. I got your attention. Who the fuck are you people?”

He stared at me. “You are one of us. This mask you wear will not hold for long. You will give in to it.”

I took in his combat vest, height, weight, stare and the T1 tattoo on his neck. An ex-member of the unit? No. He had to be a wash out and failed experimental soldier.

“You killed and mutilated a member of my unit to get your rocks off, asshole. You maybe someone’s pawn in all this shit but your still a T1. You broke code. Protect the unit and never turn against your brothers.” I said before I picked him up and slammed him on his head on the floor killing him.

I spat on his body before I looked over at Andy and went over to take his remaining ammunition.”I’m going to end the fucker that did this to you bro and get Jill the fuck out of here. I promise.”

I said and headed into the next room only to be confronted by five more assholes. I walked inside and locked the door behind me. “Let’s go assholes.”

Warm Regards,


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