I do have moments when I feel like an old fuck.

It’s seeing younger men worrying about bullshit that don’t matter. Granted I know the feeling. I was their age I gave a shit once but now…

Fuck that shit. I’ll do my job and when it’s time to clock out bitch I’m out and I got other stuff that concerns me more then a job.

I have a short list of things in my life that matter. Work didn’t make it to the top ten.

I’m at work learning how to do a new skill. I suck at it and I’m slow. I accept this but the young crew is all into the job. Either worrying about doing a good job or worrying what the managers think.

One moment I’m taking my time trying to figure this shit out. The next I got some young dude seven years my jr yelling in my face over some bullshit lost in translation shit.

Basicly he was calling me on the radio I didn’t answer him because I didn’t have my radio on at the time. He needed to tell me something about work but I already got the message from someone else.

He starts yelling getting all in his feelings about how heart broken he was I didn’t answer his call.

Holy shit.

I got pissed a little. I tried to tell him to calm down. He’s the (I got to tell you how I feel) guy.

I listen. I make it a plan in my head to talk to him and let him know not to yell at me because I don’t like the shit.

I get out of work and the second I clock out my feeling for the shit is going down the tunnel of I don’t give a shit.

It’s a job. I don’t care if I have to wear a suit and make 200 mil a year to me it but will always be a job. My give damn meter for working is on a time limit.

I got pizza after work and I’ll give a shit tomorrow….well within reason.

Warm Regards,



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