Conservatives are such beta bitch losers….

I’m listening to two beta bitch conservatives on the car radio in my Uber. Two bitches talking about some bullshit bill pimp cocain democrats and progressive dumbasses fighting about about how much Mexicans they can get into the country to “win” votes for their home team.

These bitches are always in defense. Their not even in the fight any longer. T-Money was there only winner and they sold his ass out to look strong while they lose gracefully. Fucking losers.

That isn’t my gripe. What is my gripe though.

Every time these fuckers talk about Christianity it makes me want to throw up. Weak ass beta bitches.

They never been in a fight they haven’t tried to surrender to and give up the panties.

They can take a punch but they can’t kick a dude in the nuts for talking about their wife’s big ass.

Warm Regards,



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