Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 7

Chapter 2


I watched Chris walk out the door and then I had to sit down a moment and stare at the body he had destroyed on the floor.

I couldn’t believe how strong he had gotten. I had seen him do amazing things because of his upgrades up but this was crazy. I glanced at Berry to see him watching me.

“When did he get his latest legs upgrades?”

Berry stared at me. “Chris is still, Chris. Don’t make a thing of it. He wouldn’t want to see you worried. It’s my job to protect you.”

I glared. “I know that you old rust bucket. Did he have any surgery to his legs on his last mission?”

“No. He’s a T1 model. He just got stronger. You ready to go or are you going to stay here worrying about the shit for twenty minutes.”

Damn it. I had to keep it together. I got up and led the way out of the dinning room into the main hall. The front doors were closed and locked up but I could hear dogs outside slamming into them.

I ignored it and walked toward a door and tried to open it. Locked. I fumbled in my pockets for my lock pick.

Berry tapped my shoulder. I looked at him. He held out a pocket lock picking multi tool. I took it and went to work on the lock.

“When did you start picking locks?” I asked.

“I didn’t. I got it for you. Happy Birthday.”

I smirked as I got the lock open. Berry took hold of my waist and lifted me placing me to his side. He got out his gun and eased the door open.

The inside was dark but someone was inside. I could them hissing. A half naked female mutant jumped out at Berry. Clawing and biting his neck.

Berry calmly slammed the mutant against the wall and held her by the throat until she stopped moving.

He let the mutant fall and brushed off his combat vest and neck. I check his neck seeing no marks. Good. The things couldn’t bit down hard enough to get through his exo body.

Berry smiled and let the door open waving me inside. I flipped him off and walked inside.

Warm Regards,



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