Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and Mission Impossible (1990s) part 5

Chapter 2


“Where’s West and the Bitch?” Jill asks me.

Now I know what she really thought of Betty. I started to tell her but a door behind them opened and a man in dark brown suit that stank of shit and death came in to the dinning room.

Berry noticed me looking behind them grabbed Jill and got her out of the way. I approached the man as he came at me quickly now. I kicked him against the wall.

The man was a light weight and went flying slamming against the wall but sprang up again. He exposed his fangs at me going for my throat. I brought up my gun and shot him in the head.

“Chris. The blood.” Jill warned.

I moved out of the way as the wall and area around was sprayed with blood. I turned to Berry and Jill. They stared at me.

“West and Betty were gone. The front doors were open. I don’t know what’s going on but we need to find a vehicle and means of getting the fuck out of here. Jill is this place a smart house?”

Jill brushed off Berry’s protective hold and approuched me. “Give me your detapad. I got a map I want to upload into it.”

I handed over my PDA to her. She took it and sat down at the table. I looked at Berry. “How you doing?”

Berry grimanced but looked good. “I’m good. How’s your arm?” He asked.

I brought it up and tested it by making a fist and straighting it. “It’s good.”

“Are you worried about Betty?”

Strangely enough I wasn’t. It really must be over for Betty and me. Fuck it. “No. West will protect her and they’ll survive. I just wish to know what the fuck is going on?” I said and looked at the dead man on the floor who was bleeding out dark black blood. “He’s a mutant of somekind. Same as the dogs I killed outside and whatever It was chasing me.”

“Chris. Here.” Jill said.

I turned to her taking my PDA back and looking at the map of the mansion on my screen she uploaded. “This is great. Hmm. Going to need keys to open these doors.” I said and looked up to see Jill studying me.

“What’s the plan?” She asked.

“You and Berry keep together. Head east. Avoid using all your rounds there might be more hostiles. I’ll head west. We meet back in the main hall in twenty minutes with news or whatever we’ve found. If I’m late don’t come looking. Whatever that got me will be to strong.”

Jill glared at me. “We’ll come looking for you. I’m just as much a bad ass as you are.” She said touched my head.

I touched hers and we bumped our foreheads against each other. “I won’t be late then. If you are, I’ll burn this whole fucker down to find the both of you.”

We moved apart. I bumped fists with Berry and headed out the door the dead mutant came out of.

Warm Regards,


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