Writing weird shit.

The Resident evil but not really story I’m writing is weird as fuck and I know is going to be slightly hard to write.

The dual perceptives came out of nowhere in the brainstorming but now I’m beholden to keep with it because of weird factor and interest I have in making it work.

I have two charecters. They exist in the same fictional universe but have different views of that universe that is also based on their personalities.

Chris is a down to earth guy like any other Joe. Just trying to do his job and get by in life….he also happens to be a cyberpunk genetically engineered super soldier. The weird part is I don’t think it will be addressed because he doesn’t give a fuck about talking about himself or care about the emotions involved in what he has become. His story is to get the job done and see his team home to safety.

Jill is a soldier and cyberpunk decker or brain hacker. Her experiences are colored by cyberpunk and reality and a little bit volcano emotions. This is what I’m gathering. She isn’t a side chick let alone a side character. Her story is her story.

Both these characters have nothing to do with Resident evil. Hell I have no idea where my brainstorming will lead to. Here’s a unknown possible element I might add. Though honestly maybe not. I don’t want to get to weird.

Their twins?!

Warm Regards,



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