Joe Rogan, the Vaxx, CCN and assholes that are losing the script. Holy shit! (Comedy?!)

I don’t give a fuck about Joe Rogan or CCN. But. Holy shit balls. The shit storm around Rogan flipping the table on them with the vaxx shit.

Is funny as hell.

I mean. The fuck?!

Here’s the short story version.

CNN is lying about the Vaxx and other shit.

If this is news to you holy shit balls. Welcome to earth. It’s real fucked up place but….tits.

Anyway. Rogan found a curve for the common Cuff or whatever the fuck dumbasses nickname Covid 19 now. The cure is western science no no not that bullshit you heard about in the news and again…welcome to earth.

I’m just fucking with you.

About the welcome to earth shit.

Anway, CNN got on his ass and then he flipped them on their back and stumped a mud hole in their collective asshat asses.

That’s it.

Moral is fuck the government approved big corporations selective news.

Warm Regards,



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