Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 4

Chapter 1


We made it to the mansion to find West and Betty waiting for us waving us inside. I didn’t bother to look behind as we ran for the entrance and got inside as West slammed the doors shut behind us locking and holding the doors closed with Betty’s help.

West looked at me. “Where is Chris?”

“We got surrounded by some type of mutant dogs and a beast was hunting us. Chris took point and told us to run back while he fought the dogs.”

West’s face gave nothing away as he studied me. “Was he calm?”

I frowned at his words. “Chris was Chris.”

West shook his head. “He must have calculated it would be better for you to go back while he handled the immediate danger.”


We turned as we heard a monster’s roar in the back of the house.

“Shit. What the hell was that?” Betty said.

“Something inside. You two go take care of it. We’ll stay here to keep watch for Chris.” West said in steal emotionless voice of command.

Berry nodded silently and led the way inside. I looked back at West. He met my stare.

“Don’t worry about Chris. He’s an elite warrior even before he became a model T1 soldier. He’ll make it. Take care of whatever the fucks inside though so we can have at least one safe zone for now. We move out in the morning first light.”

I nodded and followed Berry into the next room. It was a dining room with an extendedly long dinning room table set for twleve people to seat down and eat. Six on each side.

I looked to the front where an old typewriter lay. I saw a green light flash on the side. I went over and saw the digital deta link on the side. I linked my neural link with it and jacked in.

I closed my eyes and found myself inside the super computer of the mansion. It was a small library. I looked through the shelves until I found a map of the mansion first floor. The other floors were on lock out. I would need the code for them later.

I felt someone touch my shoulder. I unlinked draw my gun and put it under Berry’s chin.

Berry stared at me. “What you find?”

I removed the gun. “A map of the first floor. The rest of the mansion is on lock down until we find the keys. What did you discover in the back?”


I unhocked my link and walked over to the blood to stare at the pool of blood on the floor.

“Chris. Shit. Your arm?!” Berry said.

I looked up to see Chris with green healing herb on his arm that looked like it was barely attached.

He glanced at it and shrugged. “It’ll heal. It’s not to bad. The herb is healing it. What you find?” He said.

I watched his arm heal and reconnect to his body fast not just from the green herb but his advanced healing T1 bioengineering and cybernetic framework.

It was both gross and amazing but I kept my face neutral. “Blood. Where’s West and the bitch?”

Warm Regards,



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