Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and Mission Impossible (1990s) part 3

Chapter 1


I sliced the throat of one of the beast dogs as it came at me and then I dodged another attack at me and stabbed the bitch in the head before I turned and shooting the remaining dogs in the head.

They were all dead at my feet.

Rooooar. Hehe!

I ran back for the mansion reloading my gun. I heard whatever it was following me. Sum-ah-bitch was huge. I had to make it to the mansion.

I caught movment out the corner of my eye I tried to duck and roll but the dog leap on me biting my arm. I shot it in the head. It’s brains went flying as I hurried on to the mansion’s open front entrance.

I ran inside slamming the large doors shut and locking it. The dogs kept charging at the doors but couldn’t move em.

I looked at right arm. It was bleeding but the wound was fixable with some heavy green herbs. I looked around the main room as got some out of one of my vest pockets and rubbed it on my wound. I felt it working fast on me.

The main room was huge with a staircase connecting to a west and east wing upstairs. Down had two doors on each side. Jill and the others were nowhere to be found.

I heard Jill and Berry’s to my left and I proceeded in that direction openning the door I was greeted to long dinning table and fireplace at the back where Jill and Berry bent over something on the floor.

I walked over but paused as I saw a old fashioned type writer on the table.


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