Big book project side tracked a bit. Timer work.

I tried the timer work and No phone today for my writing project work.

I had set my first timer (2 hours and 4 minutes) to do some work on my big book project however I had notes and chapter updates I had to do on a short story.

I had to bring in my notes from my phone. Copy and paste the shit in my document, reorganize chapters and add more words. Extend current chapters.

I still didn’t finish it all before my timer was up. I had to put in another hour to work on my main book project. I only managed to put in a little more words for main book but I’m proud of where it’s heading.

I got tried of working on and had to break at 36 minutes.

I spent the rest of the day writing on other stories.

What I learned….

Working on my short story was fun but a lot of work. I had an idea where I want it to go. Again. The story was done but I wanted to add more to it.

The timer and turning off my phone freed up my mind to focus on my writing and not allow myself to wander on the internet and lose my focus. I’ll keep doing that for weekends. I’m going to make more notes during the week for my big book project.

Warm Regards,



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