Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….Ending



I frowned straighted in bed. “Shit.” I called out as I felt the stinging pain in my chest.

“Quit whinning about your knife bro. You got enough money to get a new one.” Tomahawk said somewhere a few feet away.

“Fuck off.” Swan said.

I opened my eyes remembering everything. I was lying in a king size bed. I looked to my right seeing my detapad. I snatched it up as someone knocked and came inside.

I looked up to see Angel dressed in only a black silk robe and nothing else. She smiled at me.

“Good morning. You slept a long time Sugar.”

I frowned looking down at my bandaged chest and silk black boxers. I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

“Is the team safe?”

Angel nodded coming over toward me she bent down the side of bed and opened a mini fridge brought out a ration bar and breakfast drink.

I sat my detapad down to take the bar opening open up the wrapper and biting half it. I downed the drink while Angel slid into bed with me and rubbed my shoulders.

“So you didn’t kill me? How did you get away with it? Dr. Jackson would have been able to tell I was dead.”

“Put you offline. So in away you were technically dead.”

“How were you able to do that?” I asked. “Are we connected like Tomahawk and Rain?”

“No. Our last mission before you woke up in lab really didn’t pan out well. Your matrix heart was destroyed. I had got tech doc to create a bio wifi link with mean.”

Again. I had no idea what the hell she meant or how it was possible but it didn’t matter. “How we make out with the sale of the cars?”

“Pretty good. I bought us huge RV got the others rides put some money in investments and the rest in guns and resources we’ll need to do odd jobs when we want to otherwise we’re pretty free now.”

I rubbed my chest. Free. Damn. That’s more then most GEHs dream of after their second bump. Getting free before they were terminated by their forth or fifth bump on the ear. We made it.

“I want to hop over to the city a bit to see my kid.” I said thinking about how I would convince her to come with me on the road.

“No need. She’s here. I brought her on to the crew to make us some big money on the less then legal side.” Angel said.

I brushed off her hands and laid her down on the soft silk sheets. Angel smiled at me.

“You remembered?”

I nodded. “I took the picture to remind myself and now I’ve got the time I’m going to enjoy being a free agent for a couple decades.” I said and kissed her.

Warm Regards,



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