Black Rambo goes to Africa to feel….like a man?!

I keep seeing this shit. These fucking videos of black dudes going to Africa to feel like human beings and not black folks.

Every time I hear a dude say…..

“In America. I can’t feel human. I can’t be just a man. Everybody look like me. But in Africa…I’s a free man. I’s a man. I ain’t no black man no more.”

Holy balls!

I can’t relate. I just can’t even attempt to find the shit anything other then that old weakness come up.

Self pity with a side of Jack Daniels.

The shit is a cringe nut butter and manganese sandwich.

I can’t stand to hear it some times.


I’m weird. My childhood didn’t involve this weird identity crisis bullshit about the image in the mirror and I was raised by a black power princess.

Warm Regards,



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