Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 12

Chapter 11


We arrived late in the three rides to an unwelcome sight at the eastern border of Newark near the train treks of crossings. Jason and Swan were held at gun point by a tall black dude asshole in a white suit. I wasn’t surprised Rembrandt was still functioning. I was surprised by Jason’s smiling face though that greeted me. Rembrandt wasn’t alone either several other company men with blasters were with him and Dr. Jackson.

I got out my ride followed by Rain and Tomahawk. Rembrandt nodded to me. “Hey Mercy. Welcome back to the team. I’ll be your new commander after you take a little rest first.”

I looked at Jason. He nodded to the Dr. I nodded.

I ignored the asshole who held a gun to Jason and Swan and faced the Dr. Jackson.

“Dr. Jackson. If you want this job done. I want my unit’s franchise as the price.” I said.

Dr. Jackson took out his detapad and flash a lazor in front of our eyes. He frowned when nothing happened and then did it again with the same result.

He then shrugged. “It seems you already have stolen yourselves from the program. We’ll have to get me models. Alright Angel. Who are the one’s that messed up the Presidential mission?”

I nodded over to Jason. “Jason and Rembrandt.”

Rembrant snickered with laughter. “Nice try bae. But, you ain’t gettin me that easy. Swan and Jason were in command that time.”

I stared at Dr. Jackson. “Jason handled the planning and gave Rembrandt point. I was his back up. Rembrandt got distracted and fucked the mission up. I didn’t record it in my mission logs but I left a coded file in my personal log.” I said.

Dr. Jackson stared at me. “What was the nature of Rembrandt’s mistake?”

“He raped me.” I said in flat tone.

“You lying fucking bitch.” Rembrandt roared and turned his blaster at me.

Swan moved fast throwing his blade at Rembrandt’s wrist. He fell to the ground surrounded by other soldiers. I got out my detapad granted access to the file and passed my detapad to Dr. Jackson.

He glanced over my file and then handed it back. “Terminate the two offenders and you can leave with your damaged units. Minus one. Rembrandt remains the companies property.”

I nodded. I walked over to Rembrandt picking up the blaster and shot him in the face. He fell the ground smoking.

I walked over to Jason. Jason waved Swan over to the others. “Keep the others in line Swan make sure they don’t give Angel trouble.”

“Yes, Sir.” Swan said and walked away.

Jason frowned at me. “Get this over with. The cars will give you good money.”

I said nothing and shot him in the chest. I felt a sting to my chest as Jason fell to the ground offline.

Dr. Jackson nodded in approval. “Good luck to you Angel. We might see you later for freelancing opportunities. Let’s go. Pick up Rembrandt. We have to hurry back to the lab to get him fixed back up for his next mission.” He said walking over to his limousine.

I watched them drive away. I couldn’t believe it had been that easy.

I turned to Swan. “Pick up my property gentle man and put em in my car.”

Swan smiled while the other two looked at me in horror. I rolled my eyes.

Warm Regards,



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