I keep hearing about this dude Kyrie Irving…

I got thoughts. Well not many.

Short story. Professional basketball player has issues with taking the vax though his job is forcing him to do so. He got to take the vax and he got to show his papers to the ministry basketball health.

He got questions and apparently he ain’t getting no answers but the general trust the system or trust the dude in a lab jacket.

Everybody has an opinion about this man. Why is everyone in his business? The fuck I know. But I find it interesting.

The reactions.

Hustler Vaxx taker: What the fuck is this N* doing? He need to pull his fucking pants down and take that Vax in the ass. Get that money. Get that money. Dollar. Dollar bills ya’ah.

The Vaxx taker understanding dude: He’s a man. You need to be understanding of him. He just wants answers to his questions.

Anti Vaxxer: Fuck the machine. You go bro.

The Vaxx taker asshole: Look at this bitch. He ain’t going to let that money go. He going to bend to the man.

Guardiandogg: Holy shit. These fuckers will pour dick cheese in their ear if a man in a lab jacket says cum cures all forms of cancer. The dude is a man. Fuck what anybody else thinks. It’s his life.

Oh I don’t give a damn about mandates. People should give a damn about the time on the clock.

9:00 a.m.


9 shots and 1 smoking gun from a mother fucker that got pushed to far.

9mm was a weird ass movie you know? I whole lot of assholes getting shot up. Hmm.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

None these people have answers to his question….well I have an answer it’s the same story….”bitch. Kiss my pinky ring and I’ll let you play on my basketball court, boy.”


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