Getting back into the mindset of a charecter of a book….

I started getting into a charecter’s head today. A man from a short story series I had started a year ago. It felt strange.

Like, reconnecting to the tone or mood of dude.

A broken man.

A lost man.

He’s also a man that stands in the face of danger and puts his life on the line. Not to be a hero. Not for altruism bullshit. No. He’s just a man trying to defend and fight for us own.

I relate to his brokenness but his courage. That’s something else.

I discovered this charecter from a question.

What happens when our vanilla dreams of a perfect dream are blown to shit by the arrival of the unknown in a hell storm of giant dumpster fire.

The man I revisited to write about is a man that stands a part from the shit and fights on because that’s all he knows to do.

This is why I love to be a writer.

Warm Regards,



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