Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 2

Again. This could be a miss.


June 6th, 1996


Fucking West had to get some pussy on a fucking training. We headed out immediately after making it to the mansion to check out what was going on in the woods.

Berry was quiet as he emptied out his blanks from his Beretta M9. He casts a glance at me shaking his head. He already knew my thoughts. I nodded. Betty and West were Chris’s problems. Better to stay out it.

Chris used his cybernetic eyes and ears to track the location of the danger in the fading light of the day.

He brought up his hand as he stopped. He looked around slowly and then up at the trees.

I looked up to see somethings strung up in the trees. They were bodies didn’t know if they human though. They were all legless. It was pitch black now.

“What the…Jill. Berry. Put on your heat vision and enhanced goggles.”

Berry and I obeyed without comment. I winked a few times and then I stared at the ground that was bathed in blood.

I looked up at the trees to see….

Bodies. I counted. Two. Half of squad beta. One of those bodies could be Andy. I was gut the asshole that did this to him.

I could feel Berry focused on me. “Jill-”

“Save it. Chris. What do we do?”

Chris turned his head seeing something looking at us. I glanced in that direction to see it. Some type of large dog or wolf. Maybe a mutant of some kind.

“Don’t run. Their are more of them. I count five.” Chris said backing away looking around. “Head back to the mansion. Slow.” He said and then turned and fired at dog that had leaped at him.

The dog went down and then sprang up only to be shot in the head by Chris again. “Straight path a hundred paces. I’ll follow. Go.” He said with his back to us as he loaded his gun.

Berry handed him his spare Bowie knife grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back to the mansion while Chris took on the freak mutant dogs.

Warm Regards,



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