Brainstorming with S. Hawks trailer (1980s) The Fast and the furious. Biker boys (2000s)

Hmmm. Fuck it. Let’s see what we get.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on

“Links! What you got?” Jason asked as he came into the command station.

“Their on a fast run for a warm hole into a pocket dimension. Sir. Location. Dimension X-cy2000_dragons. Openning is closing rapidly. Orders?”

“Ships to big to squeeze through.. Send in the Hawk A1.” Jason said.

“Aye aye. Sir.” Links said and hit deploy command to the lower deck level 5. “Hawks Al. You have-“

“I got it. Heading to the exit pod now. The 6xers won’t get away.. I’ll see you, Links. Tally-ho.” Hawks A1 said in rush of movement.

A exit pod door blinked a second before it was launched away toward the vastly closing hole.

Links and Jason stared in frustration. “How the hell is he-“

“He’s Hawk A1. He’ll find a way back with his prey or come back home with the prize in his mouth. We’ll give em two days to get it done then we’ll have to move on and return to the Nest Station. Hold position until then.”

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