Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s)

This could be a miss but fuck it here we go.


June 6th, 1996


I arrived at the mansion in the outskirts of the city of Raccoon city with Jill and Berry in toe. Our commander West greeted us at the open front door with my wife, Betty at his side.

Betty ran our over all missions and trainning exercises and she happened to be fucking West. Jill and Andy had been trying to hint at it for two months now but I hadn’t seen it until now.

West was a handsome guy 6’2 to my 5’11 charming blond asshole and always wore dark tinted glasses and was ten years my senior with a thing for females around Betty’s age.

Betty was a curvy blond that worked out and kept herself in fighting form. She was also a wild cat in bed and thrilled at sex. Yeah I could see it now. I fucking would have to get a damned divorce but that would come later.

I focused my eyes on West. “Where’s squad Beta?”

West frowned at me. “You got a problem, Chris?”

I could heard it in his tone. West was an asshole but if any member of his team had a grip or issue with him, he’d listen, take it but command that the job take primary focus against personal issues.

“Your having sex with my wife. But, I asked about team Beta, Sir to raise an issue relating to them. They were supposed to pick us up two miles back where the helicopter left us so we could start running exercises as per your instructions what happened?”

“We’re not having sex Chris. Your being to emotional.” Betty said and crossed her arms over chest before straightening away from West.

West’s expression remained the same. “I don’t know where team Beta is. Jarod and his crew were supposed to meet up with you as planned. We lost radio contact with them. We might have a situation.”

I heard scream behind followed by a roar of some type of bear or large beast of some kind.

“Go check it out.” West said.

I nodded bringing my Colt Anaconda and lead my team toward the unknown threat.

Warm Regards,



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