Time management, big book project and blog update.

I got a couple weeks in this month and progress is slow but at least I’m moving my big book project along.

Friday I did alot of adding on words to short chapters and organizing the time line of events. Saturday….

Not that much. I had to push myself to put in the work and it wasn’t enough. My problems right is being on my cellphone to much. I got to do better.

I’m loving the story but I got commit to flushing it out. I’m thinking about adding a timer to my two day writing sessions. I really want to finish this story.

I really like this story but more to the point I got push this shit along because I got to start the next book soon in December.

Blog updates. I’m publishing my ebooks on the blog soon. I’ll leave paperback production for Amazon.

Audiobooks are down the line once I get a microphone or have it done professionally.

November’s Kiss is coming…

Warm Regards,



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