Brainstorming, Crocodile dundee, one wish, Mr. Destiny…Walk about..part 4

Chapter 3


“I think you should consider going back home.”

I put my shirt on and turned to look at Susan. She lay on my hotel bed in one of my dress shirts smoking a thin cigar.

I smiled at her. “So you can get your fee in full I’m sure. I didn’t just disappear. I send text messages to my folks every two weeks.”

Susan raised a brow in question. I snorted. “Okay maybe every four weeks. I’m still on walk about.”

“Can’t you walk about toward your home town to see your mother for her birthday.”

Hmm. “You like my mother then?”

“I love your mother. Everybody does I suppose once they meet her. Is that a yes?”

“It’s a yes. If you put the cigar out.”

Susan put it out on her ash tray and took off my shirt.

“Looks like I’m headed up North again.”

Warm Regards,



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