Cyberpunk thoughts and fictional approach…

I’ve been diving into cyberpunk writing and world crafting and I find myself just wondering….


Why aren’t there a lot more movies and stories dedicated to goldmine of cyberpunk?

I’m learning to explore my own imagination and toying with the borders of cyberpunk and magical fantasy moments. It’s a whole lot of fun.

The cyberpunk city state of Newark is a new invention for me. I find it also not new at all or my very own creation.

It’s the place I go to find or craft a story around individual stories. All rumming and walking about a city set in parallel earth on brink of extinction and yet….

No one cares. Everyone has their own life story to lead. They live on the edge and yet….

They’re comfortable there. Their at ease not knowing what tomorrow may bring. They are the children of the city state of Newark and the wild Badlands.

Warm Regards,



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