Why does this bitchass Jackel think money can protect him?

Here’s the link to the backhanded alleged confession. You be the judge. What is he saying? What can you conclude his place needs to be in society. In public, in a expensive car or six feet under along with the rest of warms and human shit.

I don’t know how long the video will be up. The short the video is a Jackel admitting to having urges for younger under age females and his disregard for girls and females in general only as a means humans to….


Holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit.

Bitch ass jackel. Mother fucking rich bitch ass jackel. In the video admits to having strategies about the bullshit and it’s all on YouTube.

Put that bitch to sleep.

This is the reason why the west is weak. All this forgive and let a bitch walk free around children bullshit.

Back in the day. Fuck it. Today, real man do not tolerate even the hinting of a fucker admiting to hunting the legacy of men.

Fuckers really think money can protect them. No. The weakness of men and our tolerance is what protects them.


For how long?

The funny thing is I knew of this Fucker in passing on YouTube. I watched his videos on hustling, years ago. Now. Hmm.

In conclusion…..

Listen to the Jackel. This how they think and the strategies they perform. Learn to spot em and protect your legacies.

Warm Regards,


P. S

Here’s the reaction video to it when I discovered it.


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