Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 11

Chapter 10


“Hey, you got the time?” I asked James 109 as he got out his yellow demon Toyota cruiser at the corner of his house.

He turned with a blaster and fired as I leaped over his head to passenger side of his ride.

Swan came up on at his blind spot and stabbed him in the chest with his knife before snapping his neck and sending his ass flying with a throw.

I ran around toward the other side snagged James 109 master key and through Swan the blaster before unlocking the car and bring up the garage door to reveal the other ride.

A 4×4 ghost white Toyota truck was inside. I locked it both rides and started the engines. I looked at Swan to see him staring at me.


“Why the fuck didn’t you shot em? What’s with the leaping shit?”

“I have no fucking idea. I just reacted.” I said.

Swan nodded. “Angel must have had to take big fucking leap over something big.”

I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. Nor did I care. We had the rides we needed. Angel would handle the others. It was time to go. “You ready to move, bro?”

Swan smiled. “You take the truck. I’ll race you to the border of the city.”

I raced inside jumped inside garage climbed inside the truck and burned rubber to catch up with Swan who was racing down the street.

Warm Regards,



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