Brainstorming, Crocodile dundee, one wish, Mr. Destiny…part 3?!

Chapter 2


I sat on plane as it was landing in Texas. He stared at a series of Instagram photos Nick Donovan and my brother drinking at an airport bar in Texas joking around.

Three months.

He had disappeared. I had been hired by his family to find him and this ass clown was drinking it up in Texas or wandering around.

I still had to check to make sure. I disembarked and quickly made my way to the airport bar.

The bar was empty but for a few people. A handsome bar tender in his mid 40s with a easy smile waved me over to a seat. I looked at his name tag. Cole.

“How’s it going?”

I shrugged. “It’s going alright. I got a few questions for you. I’m looking for someone. Do you mind looking at picture or two?”

Cole nodded. “Go ahead.”

I showed him the Instagram photos and he snorted. “Yeah I remember that night Nomatic Nick Donovan was in right good mood after coming home from walk about.”

“Walk about?”

Cole nodded. “Yeah. He’s busy guy. Traveling about the world taking on odd jobs here and there. But he always comes home.”

I nodded my head. “So he was born, Texas?”

Cole shook his head. “Nope. His people hail from Baltimore I believe but you can ask him yourself. He’s behind you.”

I turned to be greated my Nick Donovan in the flesh. He gave me a charming grin that made me flush a bit.

“Hello, pretty lady. What’s your name?”

“Susan Reeds. I’m a private investigator hired by your parents.”

He nodded still grinning at me seductively. “Right. So you found me. Would you like to dance a bit before we head on to my room?”

“I’m not sleeping with you.”

“Hmm. But, your not opposed to the idea. How about a drink then and we can talk a bit.”

Warm Regards,



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