Stories and the music

I can’t get that song out of my head. That dundee theme song. It doesn’t make me think of the movie it makes me think of a scene in my head of a man bleeding from the mouth and nose laying in the desert or dirt….

Chapter 1

Nick’s transformation

Nick wants to give up. He wants to give up on this journey he’s been on for four weeks now. He wants to just lie in the sandy dirt.

But, he pushes himself up still. The music kicks into his head as he puts a boot down on the ground. He struggles to his feet. Just a few more miles.

He tells himself. The music is playing in his inner ear. His got the swagger going. His got the bounce back to his step. He wipes the blood away with the back of his hand. He spits out blood and a tooth on the ground and smiles.

Nick came here to this strange desert setting of no man’s land. To find a man. To find a purpose and a will to go on.

The ticket he used to get himself here was still in the pocket of his leather vest. The desert heat was still kicking his ass but the music was still playing in his head. The man was standing like a blurry image a short distance away.

Nick set his focus on him. His set his attention on the man standing at the ready.

Nick had known hunger. Nick had learned about days heat and oppression of lonely nights. Nick had his shit kicked in for looking to long at pretty piece of ass that was claimed by a big shit house.

Nick arrived at the spot of the man. To find himself staring at a mirror image of himself standing in snake skinned boots, black slacks, grey shirt, black vest and black stetson hat.

Understanding hit him. Nick took out his ticket from his leather vest pocket and looked at it again.

It was now a ticket was blank and flashed a green. Where did he want to go now?

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