Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 10

Chapter 9


I had questions. To many questions about Jason and his kid. I knew enough not to voice those opinions sense we were on a time table.

Rain was another story. The bitch was nosy as hell about the shit and even out called Jason a liar about the shit.

Jason wasn’t having the shit and we didn’t have the fucking time.

We split up into two groups. I took Rain and Tomahawk to get three of the cruisers at a dealership up town. Jason took Swan with him because those two could get the shit done quickly and plan ahead incase shit went south on my end.

The dealership was a two story building with the high flyer cruisers on the fucking roof. Big ass glass windows displayed the top grade crusiers.

“Who the fuck did he-“

I turned to Rain and she shut the fuck up. I stared at her. “You done fucking around?”

Rain nodded. “What are the rides we need to get?”

“Jet stream cherry red for you. Tomahawk and I are snagging the purple Thunder and Zebra gold models. All three are flyer models.”

“Shit. Look at that. All three are on the second floor.” Tomahawk said pointing up to the second floor.

I looked up see them parked in the center in front of the window. Of course they had to be there instead of the fucking roof.

We would need to figure out a way to break through the fucking glass without damaging the rides.

“Rain. Check the security locks. Tomahawk stay here.” I said.

I waited until she was gone looking the security on the first floor. I turned to Tomahawk.

“Can you throw me up on the roof?”

Tomahawk snorted taking a glance at it and me. “Bitch. The building to three stories high. Your 5’11 damn near 6’0 and heavy. I can get you half way up there but not to the top.”

“What about with Rain’s help. Could you get me up there?”

Tomahawk glared at me.”Just let Rain break into the security system. Unless there’s something your not telling me.”

I smiled and Tomahawk cursed.

Rain came back running with a wild eye pissed expression. “You fucking dumb bitch. The building is Armored druids on the first floor. I almost actived them when I tripped the lock. Let’s find another place.”

I took off at far enough distance from them and then ran at them.

“Your fucking crazy. Rain help me give this bitch a boost.” Tomahawk said bending down to one knee.

“What the fuck? Ah damn it.” Rain said and quickly mimicked Tomahawk’s position.

I stepped on their hands and they threw me up in a arch. I rolled my body up sumersaulted and then crashed landed on my back on top of the building. Easy part was done. Now to getting out those cruisers.

Warm Regards,



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