Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 8

Chapter 7


The low budget lab smelled like rat shit and piss. It was little more then a black market shop for GEHs looking for a fix on Blank.

There were no windows and there was only one lab bed and working station. The old bitch ran it had been sleeping in it when we broke in.

Jason had quickly used his empathic communication skills to calm the bitch down and slipped her some credits from money we had gotten from a chop shop for the cruiser just a few minutes ago.

I stood on watch as a deal was worked out between Jason and the old lady to hack into our codied tattoos and put in fake label for transporter GEHs.

I had no fucking idea how any of the shit worked or why Jason had went with that code marker job title but fuck it. He was our leader and we had to go by that programming.

Tomahawk and Rain had to be programmed together because those two idiots had fucked around on the last mission and shared virus that linked their brain waves together.

When they were done, Swan went next. He took less time adjusting to the switch because he had been engineered in part to have transporter skills. Jason took point for me when I went under.

I woke up ten minutes later to see him and Tomahawk almost going at it with blasters because Rain was trying to fuck with Tomahawk again. I took Rain aside and shoved her against Tomahawk.

“Take this bitch to the back and give her some dick already.”

“No problem.” Tomahawk said picking up Rain and carrying her to the back.

Swan and I took point as Jason was worked on. I felt a pain to my ear. I checked my right ear to feel one of the bumps pulsing.

I walked over to the old lady and put a blaster to her head. “What are you doing?”

Swan glanced at me. “What’s up?”

“This bitch just put in a termination code for Jason.”

The old lady looked at me then. “Are you linked to him as well? You both should have been brought under together.”

I stared at her. “Stop being a nosy bitch and just put him in sleep mode and don’t fuck with his primary code again or I’ll blast your old ass and burn your lab to the ground.”

The old lady nodded her head slowly looking away from me to Jason.

Swan dragged me away but still had his eyes on the old lady now. “What the fuck is up? You linked to him? Like Rain with Tomahawk?”

I shook off his hold. “It’s complicated. Don’t tell him about it when he wakes up. It will only fuck with him.”

Swan grimanced but nodded. “Fine. We need to worry about survival right now anyway.”

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