The value of purpose….

Without question as a man there is a value to having a purpose to having a goal.

To setting you sight on something (goal) a far distance away and then pursing that thing with a lazor focus. There are hazards along the way or will there be shit and shit heads to will try to knock you off that purpose.

But, fuck that shit. Hazards in the way after awhile become a pause for second to knock the shit down or knock a shit head out.

Every day, every month and every year. I set my focus on something. I set my sight on a goal to achieve.


Well I know what it’s like to sail a draft and purposeless in life. It’s boring and the days go by slow.

I know what it’s like to sail with a compass and map and reason for going the route I’m going. I know what it’s like to get there and I know what it’s like to fail along the way.

Every once in a while I got to remind myself. I’m shit now but I’m not doing this thing to be great. I’m doing this thing because the goal ahead takes me failing right now to get to the fucking check point months down the line.

The funny thing about a focused determination. It’s addictive because if you focus on the mark over time you’ll either hit the mark or be in the area of your target.

If your a writer then your laughing your ass off because I’m telling you something you’ve already learned.

Warm Regards,



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