Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 7

Chapter 6


Fucking hell.

I punched the dashboard of the fed cruiser as Swan hauled ass through the city. My detapad mission log had only one message from the company management.

Return to park.

“Jason? What the fuck are we doing Bro?” Swan asked as he cut off an asshole that tried to corner him between two cars.

“We’re a termination. We’re fucked. I ain’t fucking headed back to that fucking shit.” Tomahawk barks out from the back.

“Jason. Baby. Let’s ditch these assholes and head out of the city together.” Rain said putting an arm around my neck.

I brushed off her arms at the same time Angel pulled her ass off me.

“Stop your fucking bullshit. He needs time to think.” Angel said.

I threw my detapad down on the floor of the cruiser and noticed messages from feds between each other buzzing by on the computer screen.

Hmm. “Computer bring up mission debriefing log. Twenty-four hours ago.”

– voice command not valid. –

Fuck this shit. I picked up my detapad and brought out the cord on the bottom of it and jacked into the computer port. I hit a couple of commands and reprogramed it.

“Agent Jason Warrior. Validation”

– validated –

“Computer. Main targets of mission.”

-All combat and assassin GEHs in the park. –

Shit. “Computer. Reasons for termination?”

– Purge of all GEHs active in 2066 believe to be connected to the assassination of President Ward. Incoming tracing. –

“Holy shit. We’re fucking screwed.” Tomahawk cursed.

“Computer. Block all tracing of crusier and access to crusier. Print out map of GEHs repair labs.” I said.

“What are you thinking?” Angel asked.

“Their looking for warrior class and assassin class GEHs. I’m figuring we need an upgrade to our indenfications before we can do an attempt to get out of the city grid.”

Warm Regards,



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