I have one month away from November’s Kiss but I got in a little work.

I spent one day adding on words to my big book project and I kinda feel of lost interest. Not in writing. I never lose interest in that.

It was a fucking stupid weird idea that was floating in my head about a demi goddess born without the ability to walk. Oh and of course she has big tits and totally ignorant of how desireable she is. She just needs the right man to put her on table. Not a bed.

I know what your thinking but the answer is yes. It is the dirty dirty shit.

It’s a romantic bullshit story.

I fucking can’t help myself sometimes. The shit is pure filth and lies but the idea of a big titty shorty goddess battling a beta bitch simp wizard with the help of her 7 foot big dick hubby and his golden axe is funny to me but of course I couldn’t figure out how to work it into a good story.

You see I use the romantic bullshit genre as cover for a bat shit crazy comedy story.

I have these moments. I think of something weird that I would never publish or tell anybody about expect between you and me this one time.

So I can laugh my ass off or see if I could possibly turn this shit into a good moral story.

Anyway, Have a lovely night and a wonderful week.

Warm Regards,



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