Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 6

Chapter 5


We had been waiting for the fucking feds to get on with the bullshit bid offering for a twenty minutes. Everyone was here what the fuck was the hold up.

I looked at Jason at the same time he looked at me. Our thoughts mirrored each others. I heard something to my right.

Jason was already moving though. He picked me up through me over his shoulder and ran.

The war broke out then as we raced through gangs attacking each other and running to get away from feds firing shots at us.

“Swan. Kill that fucker. Meet us up at the backup exit point. Tomahawk. Rain. clear the way.” Jason ordered as he took off running with me on his shoulder.

“Yo!” Swan responded back raced off while Tomahawk and Rain took point fighting through enemies in our way with kicks and throwing them aside like android sex dolls.

“Put me down. I can run faster then you.” I said.

Jason set me on my feet and smacked my ass. “Get the truck going we’re getting the fuck out of here.

I raced off spearing and dodging enemies in my way to get to the ride. What the fuck was this? The answer came to me as Jason’s truck got hit with a rocket launcher and exploded.

“Move it.” Jason said as he raced ahead of me with Rain and Tomahawk following after him.

I raced on a head quickly catching up with them as we headed to exit point where Swan was waiting with federal cruiser he stole.

Warm Regards,



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