The power of books and the mindfuck experience.

I’m listening to a review of a book that is rated a 10/10 from a book YouTuber and I’m left with a feeling of yeah….he got mind fucked.

I know the feeling. His experience and telling of the book reminds me of the reason I say if you want to expand your mind and thoughts then reading and not travel is the fastest route.

It’s also one of the weirdest ways to get mindfucked.

If you’ve read a lot of books in passing as writer or book lover you know the feeling and you remember the book.

I remember my first book that sneaked that feeling onto me. The sense the feeling of being caught by surprise and left wondering if you could finish the book and wanting to stop but your hocked on the story and want to see it to the end.

Hmm. I wonder. I’m tempted to read the book because KDbooks has good taste in stories but I don’t know if I want the mindfuck experience right now.

Warm Regards,



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