My thoughts on to melt the shackle by Bogdan Dragos

I just read a poem that was a head trip to me. Yes. Yes. I have had the same thoughts as an artist and poet.

No spoilers. Go read and add a like to his shit.

My thoughts. The structure and the flow is rock solid. A bit of a long one but well worth the trip. Lord Dragos was cooking it.

Hmm. I feel inspired.

I’m at my writing space about to begin my two days race of writing. The fucking phone rings. It’s an unknown number.

I have a thought of ignoring it but it might be important. I take the call.

“Hello, congratulations. On the success of your blog. But, don’t you want to take your blog and writing career to the next level?”

Holy shit. Why did I answer the call?

“Ah yeah.”

“Well. I’ve got a deal for you. A 2 million dollar contract with a mansion and 5’5 shorty included. All you need to do is delete all your books on your hard drive, give up on writing 40 books before you turn 40 and write about dick pills and porn movies and-“

“Eat shit and die alone bitch.”

I hang up the phone and block that bitch’s number from my phone. Fucking people always trying to fuck me over on my days off. Every mother fucking time.

Warm Regards,



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