Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 5

Chapter 4


The meeting was packed with well over fifty other spies, agents and assassins from corporations that could afford GEHs. I led the way toward the main stage where the government agents were going to set the bid their masters gave them to present.

I saw a couple of groups we went to toe against once. James 109 from Toyota nodded to me. That fucker killed Jason 1, my predecessor in a gun fight fifteen years ago. I got his ass back though by setting fire to his apartment. It was as close as I could get to him.

Angel flipped him the bird. James smiled. Fucking asshole. We walked on. Rain tried to grab my hand but Swan pushed her back into Tomahawk’s arms. “Knock it the fuck off. We on business bitch.” He said in a dead pan voice and took a position to my right while Angel was to my left.

I looked at Swan. His jaw was set and he had a guard dog look in eyes. He was sizing up rivals while keeping in step with me.

Swan was on alert sensing danger all around and looking for targets. We had just stepped on to the field of battle with dozens of warrior gangs all dominanting for postion or looking for a moment to knock each other off.

The sooner we figured out who we needed to knock off the sooner I would gladly to get the fuck on before my successor number 4 awoke if I was lucky to get a replacement this time.

Warm Regards,



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