Paycheck the story vs Paycheck the movie

Some writer or blogger or YouTuber probably has addressed this shit but…they weren’t named guardiandogg. Let’s go! Spoiler alert!

Okay I finished the short story. This is my conclusion.


Paycheck the movie deals with time, the government and American freedoms and rights being taken away and a solution to becoming protected against this is…


The corporation is the greater evil in relation to the government vs the corporation. One should take down the corporation and then take your girl and hide from the government.

Now. I still love that movie. I like the ending in part. But…that ain’t the conclusion the written story Paycheck leaves me.

Holy shit.

Paycheck the written story. The conclusion I am left with I agree to in part. Jennings does not like the uncertainty of being a worker for a corporation that would easily sell him out or allow him to be taken by the government that has taken his freedoms, can hold him and possibly kill him if he doesn’t obey or even if he obeys.

The government has taken all his freedoms and he is one man alone. He has no means of having a wall between him and the government. But, for one wall. The last wall. The corporation.

Being an individual citizen in the United States of America means shit if the constitution is ignored or people in power ignore or water it down with bullshit laws but ownership of a corporation, having a family and legacy can secure your future against the government if you position yourself rightly.

I am left with a conclusion also that there will be a moment a revolution against the government. The people will raise up and fight the government.

Na’aw son. Miss me with that shit. The cyberpunk future I live in is over populated with beta bitch simps and cowards out for the bag plugged into the American dream that comes on tv or Netflix everyday on their subscription feed.

People don’t really want to fight the system. They want to ignore the fact we are becoming slaves to the machine so they can watch porn and work their job. People would gladly trade freedom for comfort because real freedom requires you to start making some fucking spears to kill the mother fucking bear. (The Edge, 1990s.)

Final thoughts…

Phillp K. Dick. Son of bitch saw this shit coming. Look for all intents and purposes this is the cyberpunk future. We are living in it. Just not the 1980s version bladerunner flying cruisers shit. Corporations are almost on pair with countries in power. The line between the Corporations and the government is blurry.

People really do believe that CCN, FoxNews and every other propaganda mouth piece are just companies that might lean one way or other for money, mindshare and trust. No. These are tools for distraction, disinterest, disinformation against freedom of thought and liberation of the mind.

The story isn’t so much a mindfuck as it is a tame piece of excellent storytelling about the current days that have gone to the doggs.

Warm Regards,



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