Outlasting the dumbasses

The sun is just hinting to raise at the hour I write this post and am set to sail on to work and the unknown of the day.

I am careful of my steps. Wishing to past these days by planning ahead of the tide of idiots and dumbasses in charge of seats of power and the fucking power grind.

They’ll pass me by. I’ll push on to meet the next coming storms and ride the waves of these unsteady times meant to test my metal and fortitude.

Already my glasses are chipped at the sides. Just got em less then a few months ago out of this year.

The waves come crashing on me in likely moments. I keep going. I keep swimming against the tide.

Fuck it. I need to invest in a surf board at this point so I can at least get some Fun & Exercise out of this shit.

Warm Regards,



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