Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 3

Chapter 2


Angel and I headed to the room where Tomahawk and Rain were supposed to wake up together. I couldn’t find Rembrandt’s name or room number on the list which meant either his dna code was deleted or he was replaced. Either way I was screwed out of a strong warrior I knew.

I heard fighting inside. Shit. I took off running down the hallway. The door was locked. I pounded on the door.

“Knock the shit off. We got a meeting to get to.”

I heard grunts and curses and shit thrown at the wall as they either ignored me or couldn’t hear me. I was shoved aside by a dude in a warriors jacket. He had dirty blond hair and was working at the digital lock with a weird blue switch blade.

He gave me a wink. Memory hit me. It wasn’t mean. It was my 1st memory of the first clone.

“Swan!? What the fuck?! I thought they terminated you for good.” I said.

Swan was working the lock half ignoring me. “Complicated story Jason. Rembrandt won’t be with us today. I’m replacing him. The big bosses are pissy about the last run. We fail this time. We’re all screwed. What’s the plan?”

I checked the back of his right ear. He had two bomps. Shit. Rembrandt out meant we had to adjust to alot now. “We got a meeting tonight and a mission.”

Swan nodded. “Alright. I’ll take Tomahawk. You take Rain. Whose your woman?” He asked.

“I’m not his anything.” Angel said. “I’m Angel, remember.”

Swan looked at her and snorted. “Holy shit. Look at those tits and attitude. What happened to Mercy?”

Angel put her fists at her hips. Showing off her impressive athletic figure and nice tits.”I’m the upgrade. I’ll take Rain. Jason will do the talking. He’s got communication upgrades and empathic personality traits now to match his large dick of course.”

I gave her a side glance. “Later for your ass when I have the time and a table.”

Angel smiled. “I’m holding you to your word.”

Swan shook his head. “Fucking hell. Everyone is getting laid but me. Oh here we go.” He said and the door opened.

Swan took off inside with Angel racing inside ahead of me. Swan grabbed a naked Tomahawk with silver green eyes and bronze skin and slammed him up against the wall and Angel took hold of Rain 6’1 dark raven hair beauty. She fought Angel catching her with kick to stomach before Angel picked her and flipped her over like a coin and slamming Rain down to the floor with a knee to her back.

“Alright assholes. We don’t have time for you two assholes to be fucking all day. We got a mission.”

Rain snarled at me. “We weren’t fucking this asshole was trying to force me. I wasn’t cheating on you. Kill this fucker for me, baby.” She bullshited to me.

Tomahawk laughed at her. “Lying already. Your the one that fixed the door with your computer shit.”

“Bitch. Dream on. Jason. You believe me right?”

Holy shit.

“We don’t got time for this shit.” I said. “Save this bullshit for later. We have to move. We’re short on time and I’m trying to keep you assholes from full termination. Get your shit together.”

Tomahawk and Rain went silent. I waved for Angel and Swan to let them up.

Warm Regards,



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