I’m re-reading Paycheck. Wow. Just wow.

I ordered a book collection of Philip K Dick stories with one story as the title of the collection…


I’m amazed about how much I have forgotten about the story and how much I remembered but reading it now and have a brief read through the other stories I am floored.

The flow of the plot my dude. Is fast paced and straight into it. No. Bullshit.

It’s the way I want to write my short stories. Just straight into no bullshit to slow the shit down. I want the story to be a page turner.

That’s what Paycheck is. The writing. The world. I love the way he just writes about science fiction bullshit being normal for the world the character lives and breaths in.


I really need to work on it. The way PKD is writing it just feels like an action movie.

No bullshit. Straight flow from one page to the next. The mystery unfolds as you see the character handle rocks or bullets coming at him.

I love it.

Warm Regards,



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