Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 2

Chapter 1


I sat in the hospital bed after wondering several seconds why I was there. I still had my leather vest and jeans on. But, my boots and my fucking detapad was gone. Wait a minute what day was it?

I got up and looked around until I found the date and message about the day, date, year.

Tuesday June, 6th 2075

Shit bricks. The meeting.

I needed to get the fuck out of here.

The door slid open Jason came in checked out my chest for a second before he handed me a plastic bag filled with my shit.

I took the bag as I sat down on the bed and started putting on my boots.

I put my detapad away in my vest pocket and noticed Jason still looking at my tits.

I snapped my fingers at his face. “Why the fuck did they wake us up this late. The meeting is in six hours? That still only leaves us, what? Twenty-four hours to still wrap up everything before they terminate us.”

“We’ll make the meeting.” He said simply.

There was something in his voice. I checked the back of my right ear. Three bumps. Damn it. Whatever. Wait a minute. This was a second chance opportunity. I opened my vest flashing Jason my tits. “You still interested?”

Jason took out his detapad and took a picture of me. I frowned at him.

“What’s that for?”

“To remind myself to get a piece of your ass after we complete the mission or it’ll be a message for my next clone. Let’s go, Angel.”

I jumped off the bed grabbing his ass as we left the room.

Warm Regards,



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