Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 10

Let’s add some….lore

Chapter 9


The sound of the drums woke me up from my cell. I looked around and the mist was thick in the air.

Tree magic. Cash was coming.

I heard the sounds of fighting going on, screams and then Cash stood in front of me in his stealth suit but the added addition of his tree people long cap. He hadn’t worn it in two years.

He knelt down in front of me and started to undue my chains. He was quiet.

“You’ve returned to the lost forest?” I asked.

He nodded. “We had a bit of trouble outside when I handed the scroll off to your old man. He is less inclined to give you up. It was a surprise. Gannon flew off with his female on a magic carpet once the deal was done but he told me wear you were. He said some shit about you being pregnant.” He said watching my reaction.

I have no idea how that asshole knew but I wasn’t in the mood talk about that shit now in a fucking dungeon.

“He isn’t Gannon. Is he one of arabian legends?” I told him.

Cash didn’t look surprised by my guess or I was evading his unspoken question about not telling him about the baby.

Cash shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know his name. It always seem to change whenever we meet. I met him, 60 years ago he went by a different name.” He said refering to his ancester.

I would have to get used to that shit again. “Well. That doesn’t matter anymore let’s go home.”

He stared at me. “Home for me is the lost forest.”

I stared at him. “I’m coming with you to the forest then. Let’s go.”

He smiled. “Best news I heard all day. Hopefully we won’t be seeing Ali and his lady any time soon.” He asked while helping me to my feet.

I knew for sure and also that chances were we would be seeing them again. “How could you screw up in giving my father the tri scroll? He’ll only use it to kill you but before he raises his funds for his army of mercenaries. “

Cash shrugged. “The scoll is worthless to me and Leo couldn’t use it against me because-” He paused turning his head slightly.

I looked past him to my father who held a blaster at the back of Cash. His hand was bandaged up and looked crazy with rage and madness.

“You knew he was mean.” I told my father softly.

Leo grimanced but shook his head. “He was supposed to protect you give you a kid and go away or have the good grace to die in battle like the legends said he would. He’s nothing but a poor forest boy. He is beneath you. Tangos aren’t ruled by men like him. We’re paid to kill people like him or use him to build up our ranks.”

“He’s mean.” I repeated again. “You chose him, you told me about the legends. You can’t cheat fate.” I said knowing it was useless to convince him. Leo made up his mind and he had to go all the way.

“This isn’t fate.” Leo spat at me. “I have no idea what Cash is or what he did to you but your not going with him. Hero’s Ghost and his Hero’s Ghost’s lady. That’s not your destiny. Your Zelda Tango. You don’t take side story or legend to a self righteous poor bastard’s like him with high Lord complex. He’s got nothing. He is nothing. Wake the fuck up!”

I shook my head at him and hugged Cash’s neck. “I told you. He’s mean. I never said I was going to be his side story. It’s Tango & Cash. That’s how our legend goes. Fuck all the rest of that bullshit.”

Leo sighed shaking head. “I can’t let you go. Sorry I couldn’t save you. I can’t allow you to do this to yourself.”

“Goodbye Leo.” I said.

The mist gathered us as my father fired on us several shots each shot missed as they slammed into my light shield.

The tree people came and attacked my father from the shadows. Cash lifted me in his arms and carried me away….

Warm Regards….


P. S.

Damn. I’m good. Oh. It’s not over just.


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