Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 8

Uncharted mix

Chapter 7


I crept into the first room. The first guard, yellow Orc with a sword and shield appeared in the middle of the room and lounged his sword at my chest.

Time slowed down as I side stepped and thrust my spear into his chest six times before he puffed out of existence and then the room brought up another program for five more Orcs around me.

I went on the attack leaping at enemy then another. I was geared up for straight win before I took stab to my right shoulder.

I didn’t feel any pain but it counted as a hit for the computer. I took my last opponent down rolling to the side and stabing his head.

The door to right opened and I began the advance….

An hour later and several hit points lost I managed to make it to the last room. The treasure the door opened when my last enemy died.

I didn’t trust it. My nightvision goggles went out power. I took them off and room was a deep void of black.

I started tapping the floor with my spear as I approached the exit. My spear hit nothing at a space between the exit and me. I took a feet back and then took off into a run. One last Orc appeared and attacked.

I leaped over his head using his shoulders to somersault roll in the air and dive past the exit.

I landed on my side in the treasure room. Andy and the chief were there eating wild fruits and nuts at my table. I nodded to them and went looking for the tri scroll in the library.

I noticed the book of Historia Legends was open on the reading stand. I glanced at the page seeing it open to the Arabian legend tales as I passed.

I quickly found the scoll on the bottom shelf in a bid with the useless ones. It glowed gold but that was the only interesting thing it did.

I walked out for scoll section. A hat was thrown at me. I caught it and put it on without thinking. I nodded to them before I headed for the secret way out.

“Hero’s Ghost? Won’t you need your clothes?” Andy asked.

I stopped and cursed turning around to see the clothes bag on the table to. I walked over toward it dropping the scoll on the floor.

I started dressing quickly while Andy and Chief watched me. I frowned at them. “What?”

“You should check the book before you leave.” The Chief said.

“I know the story. Hero’s Ghost told it to me a million times when I was kid.” I said.

The Chief stared at me. “Then you should know Historia Legends always meet occasionally.”

I frowned at his words but went over to the book once I was dressed and started leafing through the tales. I knew them all by heart. It was my education handed down to me from father to son for two hundred years sense my legend began. My eyes landed on one legend. It had an artist rendering of him and his female. I stared at him. I knew him.

“Did Leo really Blackmail you about taking over the lost forest?” I asked Chief.

“Why would you say that?”

“The lost forest is the domain of the Hero’s Ghost if I recall correctly. My father said that repeatly before he died I walked out of the temple with his hat on as the Hero’s Ghost.”

“In part it was the truth but there was something else he had on me or you rather. I had to protect.”

“I saw a man kill Leo in front of me.” I said going over it in my head.

“Did you?” Andy asked. “Are you sure? Was it real or like how we make Orcs appear in a room with the computer Hero’s Ghost made for your training?”

“Damn it. Get the men ready. I’m tired of these games. I was promised my female. I will not be cheated a second time.” I said.

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