Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 7

Chapter 6


I sat on the floor in my cell in the dungeon going over the first time I met Cash. I nothing better to do besides think on that event and work on my escape from the dungeon. I just needed a moment or right opportunity to present itself.

No. I frowned. There was another reason. It was connected to the feeling I got watching Gannon or the man called Gannon and his lover. It reminded me of something.

I remembered standing in my father’s office after my promotion to mage knight of the city guards. I was the youngest to achieve the rank in the mage devision at 19 and I had a proven myself worthy of royal title. I was expecting to be crowned princess the following month but my father had surprised me.

King Leo sat back in his seat. “I need you to head into the lost forest to recruit a rookie for HPD offically.”

I frowned at his words. “Okay. Offically I’ll get to it. Unofficial what the hell am I doing?”

King Leo puffed on his cegar as he eyed me. “You’ll be taking a sword.” He said in the formal title for a concubine male warrior.

I frowned at him. “Is that nessary any longer? We can arrange a alliance wedding with our nearest friendly-“

“We don’t have any of those anymore.” King Leo said. “We’re a little backwater trading Kingdom with a mercenary footing. We don’t go into wars with other folks. We’re hired to the warrior shit for them. I made an arrangement with the wild savages of lost forest park in exchange for their strongest male we’ll leave em alone to be wild lands.”

I shook my head. “Why not one of the experienced knights already in the field. At least someone I know. I’m sure I can get-“

“It’s already settled and you already know his name at least and the type of man he is. It’s done.” King Leo said in a final voice.

I rolled my eyes. “You chose some boy from the woods because his name is Link Cash? They are over twenty Link Cashs in the department now. What makes this forest boy any different?”

King Leo shook his head. “They don’t call him The Cash. They call him Hero’s Ghost.”

Holy shit. I felt it. Like a soft touch over my skin. It was him. He was back. That meant. He was mean. I could feel my face flush in embarrassment. “I’ll be expecting my crowning when I get back.”

King Leo held up a hand before taking off his berat and threwing it to me. “You can have mean and whatever cap or hat else I can find in my closet when you get back. Now get the hell out of my office Tango.”

I put on his berate and saluted him. “How do I look?”

“You look good princess go on. I work to do.” He said waving me out. Not bothering to tell me about the fact I wasn’t the only after him.

Gannon and his cult ninjas had would be hunting him to.

I frowned and pondered this. That was my first encounter with Gannon and his terrorist group. No. That was my only encounter. The man that called himself Gannon that took the castle wasn’t the real Gannon at all. My mind turned over the few possibilities of who he logically could be. Tango & Cash was one legend and as I thought about the scene of the fake Gannon & his lady it was clear what they were but what wasn’t clear was if my father had really been killed.

King Leo had on his crown berate when he was killed in front of Cash and me. There was a problem with that.

He gave that berate to me before I went to the lost forest. He didn’t have another berate like it because it had been his legal crown.

Warm Regards



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