Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 6

Let’s add Tarzan and The Phantom

Chapter 5


I heard the sounds of the drums the moment I stepped foot in the Lost forest. The mist was thick.

I saw a torch light up ahead and Andy stood waiting with a white spear in hand. He was dressed in the green luin cloth and matching cap on his wild blown hair and nothing more. A bag was at his side.

I started stripping until I was down to my green shorts and put my clothes in his bag.

“I seek entrance into the forest temple.” I said.

“The chief will want to see you first before you enter. I’ll lead you the way.” Andy said.

I smiled at him. “Screw you I know the way home.” I said and took off running into the mist.

I heard Andy raced with me blindly as we followed the sound of the drum. My heart raced with excitment inspite of the seriousness of the situation. The magic of the forest and delight of going home again was a thrill I couldn’t stop. I raced on ahead laughing as I leaped off a rock caught a vein and started swinging in the direction of the drums.

“Show off!” Andy roared up at me as he raced on foot to beat me back home.

I landed on a slippery tree branch and started sliding right up and around to leaping for another vein swinging and continuing the ride. The drums got louder and I could hear the people of the forest laughter and welcoming voices.

I bounded off the last tree leaped summersalted and landed down on one knee at the feet of the great chief of the forest.

“Raise. Hero’s Ghost. Spirit of lost forest. Welcome home.” Eddie said.

I came to my feet facing the chief of the lost woods tribe. A 5’5 copper skinned dude with a wild grin dressed in green shorts. The symbol of the symbol of tree and circle was tattooed on his chest.

“Hey, Eddie. Why did you lie about the sword?” I asked.

Eddie grimanced. “Damn. I was hoping I would be dead before I had to answer that question. Leo blackmailed me into having you in exchange for the lost forest being left to be wild lands not under hyrule domain. He needed you.”

“I am Hyrulan by nation!” I said.

Eddie glared at me. “Your mother was Hyrule. Your father was a tribe member of the lost and mixed breed as much as your mother. You are the Hero’s ghost. Your orgin is rooted in legend and the mist.”

“Hyrule has fallen. To a man named Gannon. He has my woman. I need the tri scolls from the temple.”

Eddie shrugged and waved me to the temple entrance. “Have at it. We have no need for such worthless things.”

I nodded and moved past him to the entrance of the temple a door shaped around a giant tree. Something was right.

“There is a price.” Eddie said answering my thoughts.

“Name it.” I said.

“If Hyrule has fallen then it is time for hero’s ghost to return home to his resting.”

I nodded. “If Hyrule has fallen then I’m ready to return home.” I said and the doors to the temple opened. Damn it. That old tree magic never lies.

I walked toward the entrance. Andy came up and handed me his spear and my nightvision goggles. I smiled at him and fist bumped him before strapping on the goggles and entering inside.

To be contined….

Warm Regards,



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