The Luminaries…I’m somewhere in section 2 swiming in plot.

The book isn’t for everyone I know but the plot and pacing have hocked me in and I swimming in a long ass conversation that’s going at a snail’s pace but….

I’m hocked in. I don’t really feel the slow drag of a current conversation between two dudes about…..

Hmm. I really don’t know how to go into detail about the book. I’ll just say the conversation between the two men is about one dude being caught in a due low twist involving a whore.

Diffintion: A due low twist. A man caught in a sneaky complicated trap he couldn’t get out of in time. Sometimes involves female bullshit schemes.

Anyway, I could read this book forever. I love the tidbits of poetic voice and pose in the shit and verbal ticks in each character.

Warm Regards,



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