Sometimes the thing you love to do won’t be the thing that makes you the most money.

Just a food for thought. I know to most adults this isn’t news or much in the way of wisdom but it’s something I wasn’t taught as a kid.

I was taught to the pursuit of money and having some type of business or real estate mindset.

It wasn’t for me though. I realize that now and was never much of a hustler at any point in my life.

I like to work with my hands and I like being creative but none of that shit made me money continous or serious money.

What I ended up doing currently for a living is strange for me. I’m good at it and it’s afforded me pride and a means to getting to my personal earnings goal and beyond in less than ten years.

Do I love it? Yes and no. A complicated answer. I love the activities of work. I don’t love the idea of defining myself by a job or a profession with a dollar amount that is the value of me as a person.

It feels like slavery. Though I know it isn’t. Just the concept of humans being worth more then other humans because of a job title or paper currency is bullshit to me.


I love being good at something I work hard at improving and perfecting. I love giving it my all. I love the fact I can achieve respect from it. I love the seeing growth in a skillset I’ve learned. But, it’s still a profession that demands I surrender time to it.

Again, I don’t whin about my share in the scheme of life’s daily journey. I work but I love my freedom to read and write more.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes the thing you love to do won’t be the thing that makes you the most money.

  1. I wonder if what you love doing is related to your job, I get this. I realize that me being an artist, there are countless ways to share my art. I am working on building a creative business and yes I realize that I need to find that which I am good at, the connection between my art and value for others.

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  2. It’s tough. I am artist. My art is words and rhythm but I don’t think
    I’ll make serious money from writing.

    What I love about my job that is similar to my art is that I had to put in the work and effort to achieve a level of mastery in my professional career. My day job pays well and I’m consently advancing. Thank you for the comment.


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