Cyberpunk dreams of 2021….

What dreams. What dreams we mortal men and women dream.

In the afternoon of 1980s glow my mind still travels back again to that time and place. Though my eyes were still filled with youthful cartoon dreams I barely remember the present days of those 1980 days still I recall them to my memory like yesterday years 1990s bland convergence of America’s last happy days.

I nod off for a few seconds……and I wake up in a strange room of technology advances and wonder. I realize where or when I am when a big head robot’s head looks at me and laughs like Pee Wee Herman.

The flight of the navigator the rush of speeding the world and racing through time.

The speed. The need for speed. Racing down the digital landscape in light cycle and rushing to get out of the virtual world of walking programs and deadly viruses to find my way back to my world.

I blink twice and find myself faraway from my trailer park home in a starfighter about to enter my first dog fight.

The dreams…the 1980s dreams, the cyberpunk dreams just keep coming.

Warm Regards,



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