Guardiandogg on Time…

I would have titled this one how a realist thinks on time but I don’t speak for every realist I speak for me and how I think.

I know I’m going to die. I know as I age there is a window for what I can do and what I won’t be able to do when the expiration on my knees or my heart gives out.

I don’t fear death. I have. I fear. No. I am always mindful now more then ever I don’t have enough time. I write. Not for money. Why?

Well honestly writers in general don’t make a lot in the craft. J.K. Rowling I think of as a unicorn or to be honest I genius that milked an idea or concept into other medias that really produced the lion’s share of her money.

I got no shade or Jealousy in me. I read all her shit. It was apart of my childhood.

Notwithstanding, I’m in the majority in one aspect as a writer. I have to have a day job to afford a living space to write and read in my few free moments. There is a good side to it currently I’m learning or can learn a new skill I wanted to learn when I was a kid. I just have sell my time to learn it and earn more for funds.

It is what it is. Robert Frost didn’t whine about having a day job so I don’t see a reason to as well.

But, it’s always in my head now.

How do I make the time with less and less time to write 40 books before I turn 40?

I think I might have to sell more time. I’m thirty-seven. Real talk. I don’t expect to see 90 let alone a hundred. If I ever want to reach my goal of 40 before 40. I’ll have to write at least two books a month to succeed and exceed my goal.

Time. Again. I don’t know when I’m going to die. Part of me is happy with what I’ve done writing wise. But, still there is a part of me, that guardiandogg side.

I wish I didn’t have to sleep. I have to do alot of creative thinking and planning to make the time to write.

Why? Every moment. Almost every second. It’s on my mind. In the moments when I get bored the most with work or anything else I might find fun. I never holds my interests long. I always ho back to thinking of what I am going to write about when I have the time.

Warm Regards,



Steven King gets it.


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