Cyberpunk dreams, a medic’s origins, batman begins, Iron man and the hammer.

Chapter 2 continues….

I stared at Norm as he gave me a goofy sardonic grin. He was forever the comedian/artist.

“So how has life been treating you Norm sense the last time we met?” I asked him casually.

Norm shrugged and picked up a calibration hammer from the work desk and started playing with twirling it around in his hand. “Not bad sense yesterday it’s not been so bad. Oh. I did get fired from comedy hour.” He said.

I frowned catching the hammer as he accidentally dropped it. “So you decided to be a test subject for an experimental rehabilitation suit? Did they give a reason why they fired you?”

Again that playful sardonic raise of his eyes and glim in his eyes had me fighting to not laugh.

“Well ah. Apparently folks got a bit offended by a joke I did about maybe it being a good thing corpo’s bringing back slavery in hells yard so that ten year olds can learn about a hard days work in the factories. Though it might have been about my weak heart and lungs about to give out all at once or fall out my ass.” He said shrugging. He pointed at the hammer. “What is that thing anyway?”

I held up the hammer. “It’s a calibration hammer. It’s actually my Dad’s old one. They used to use it for jump starting low heart rates back in the day. It’s old school though. So you just felt it was a nessary for you to get yourself shit canned for a cushy job over a joke?”

Norm smiled. “I perfer to think of as a means to getting corpos and dregs to all shit themselves in laughter at the same time. It was my biggest life long dream you know.”

I opened my mouth then closed it. “Fucking hell. I remember you saying that shit six years ago when we came back for Christmas beer run.”

Norm nodded grinning like an idiot. “Dreams do come true.”

To be continued……

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