Cyberpunk dreams, a medic’s origins, batman begins, Iron man and Norm.

Chapter 2 continues…

Arthor just stared at me and then his left eye twitched.

“What the fuck is so funny? What you’re asking me to do is stupid. I’m a med tech and a engineer I can’t work on the suit and test drive the thing myself.” I said.

Serena took hold of my chin and turned my face toward her. “Baby. I think my Daddy has someone else in mind to test drive the suit.

I frowned looking at Arthor again. “Who the hell can we get to trust not to go talking about this project for the right kind of cash.” I said.

The elevator came down to the basement level and the doors opened on cue it seemed.

I looked out to the med cave. It had been two years sense I had been in my father’s old lab. It looked like a twisted combination of prehistoric cave with modern computers, machines a work station and a man standing dressed in the suit with back to me possing for dramatic effect before he turned around to reveal himself.

Stepped out of the elevator shaking my head at him. “What the hell are you doing here, Norm?”

My college roommate Norm McCain turned around with a drama flair and grinned at me. “I know what your thinking!” He said in that tone. “The answer is yes. This is the coolest idea I have ever thought of and yes, you can join my team.”

I stared at him. “Your team!? I thought I was the one going to run things. I’m the export brought in and I own the patent rights to the suit. Your just the test dummy.”

Norm shook his head. “The test genius. I’m going to be the famous handsome dude that saved thousands of lives by heroically being the first genius to test your Daddy’s modern med deck suit. I even got a name for myself. Meda Deckman.” He said.

Holy shit. I set on the edge of the work desk “Fucking hell. Your serious.”

Norm turned to Serena and Arthor. “I told you he would like it. Alright guys let’s make Newark City history.”

To be continued….

Warm Regards



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